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Transcosmic Investigations Office

The Transcosmic Investigations Office was founded in an enclave at one border of space-time which is an Event Horizon. We are not a private detective agency or a public one. Although we are squatting in the space enclosed by the Roman liberal cosmography, we cooperate to tear down the fences, (dis)placing ourselves in “the realm of surreal autogenous containers”, that is to say in and for intimacy, "as an inscrutability within the most obvious" as Peter Sloterdijk says.

Mission 01 /
Where in the world is Jakob Fugger?

For this mission we became ghostbusters.
A banishing ritual entitled MAPU: No hay suficiente espacio en la memoria del dispositivo was performed to heal and delete the scars on the Earth caused by self-inflicted wounds also coded as "Magellan". This routed us to the ghost of Jakob Fugger. The command is to interrogate the ghost. We are open to receive confessions, leaks and clues, both from collaborators who surrendered and from his enemies. At the moment, we are receiving information at the e-mail box charlatan at riseup dot net, but soon, we will also open a mail box and a wikimedia site. Our object —always critical 1— is the exact location of Fugger in the lattice (Jacobo Grinberg) and his possible escape tunnels to the matrixial border space (Breccha Ettinger), in order to turn him in, to our debuggers demons.

1 Surrealism, starting fifteen years ago with a discovery that seemed only to involve poetic language, has spread like wildfire, on pursuing its course, not only in art but in life. It has provoked new states of consciousness and overthrown the walls beyond which it was immemorially supposed to be impossible to see; it has—as is being more and more generally recognized—modified the sensibility, and taken a decisive step towards the unification of the personality, which it found threatened by an ever more profound dissociation.
Without attempting to judge what direction it will ultimately take, for the lands it fertilizes as it flows are those of surprise itself, I should like to draw your attention to the fact that its most recent advance is producing a fundamental crisis of the "object." It is essentially upon the object that surrealism has thrown most light in recent years. Only the very close examination of the many recent speculations to which the object has publicly given rise (the oneiric object, the object functioning symbolically, the real and virtual object, the moving but silent object, the phantom object, the discovered object, etc.), can give one a proper grasp of the experiments that surrealism is engaged in now. In order to continue to understand the movement, it is indispensable to focus one's attention on this point.
André Breton, What is Surrealism? (1934)

Fugger personified the obstinacy that has led Roman imperial liberalism to its ultimate consequences today. By going further into Roman decapitalism his family was acknowledged as one of the first business companies of early "capitalism". He financed Pope Julius II (aka The Warrior Pope), and Charles I King of Spain who was also Charles V Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, who was the Emperor who appointed Hernando de Magallanes knight commander of the Order of Santiago and then sent him to circumnavigate the world. This was also an enterprise financed by Fugger and that ended up shrouding our world in the obscurantism bubble known as globalization, whose most innovative product is called "global warming".
While […] Fugger are still idealized as exemplary global business player, the structures of conquest, exploitation, and enslavement that enabled [their] financial success is to the greatest extent still omitted in German public memory today.
Heike Raphael-Hernandez & Pia Wiegmink, German entanglements in transatlantic slavery: An introduction
In summary Fugger managed to prolong the decline of Roman liberal and patriarchal values for half a millennium longer 2, until today, pushing them forward despite everything, and dragging much of the world into their failure. The global scale is the scale of the bad losers and their un-assumed loss.

2 …capitalism is the culmination of an old tradition which has been militarily, politically, and culturally organized to cunningly usurp social values, especially those pertaining to material accumulation. Capitalism has gradually become the dominant social format in Western Europe since the sixteenth century. This birth can be described as the modern link of the tradition whereby a band of looters gathered by and around the strong man seizes the social values generated by mother-woman. Capitalism is the act of groups with advanced speculative intelligence who would not abstain from using violence when necessary and frequently[,] they were intertwined with the state, and, like members of a sect, had their own special lifestyles.
These early capitalists were masters at accumulating incredible amounts of wealth. They accomplished this through a few innovations in the economic area, namely mastering the generation of big profits through the use of money, and by tampering with prices formed at markets around the world. Depending on their time in history, these groups can be referred to as dynasties, aristocrats, or bourgeoisie. They differ from the bandits of Antiquity and the Middle Ages mainly in that they mostly established themselves in cities; they became intertwined with state authority; if needed, coercion was used in a more disguised fashion and as only a secondary tool.
If we were to believe their defenders, the early West European capitalists were able to render their first profits by using their intelligence and the amount of money they initially had within the framework of the innate economic rules. However, if the history of capital is properly examined it will be seen that this is nothing but a fairy tale: No economic rules underlay the colonial wars where the initial accumulation was extorted.
(Abdullah Öcalan, Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization. Volume II: Capitalism. The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings)

We are not going to judge the spirit of Fugger and his collaborators in a transcosmic court, nor are we going to enforce them for their responsibilities in “global warming” and the genocides and ecocides they perpetrated so far. But we’re gonna make them feel the need for their immediate surrender 3. They need to accept their failure as humans and as mammals, in order to rip off Fugger's etology from our conception of wealth.

3 According to what has been said, the questioning and surrender of the ego would be a process that could occur in the context of realizing the welfare of the creatures. In today's reality, we can surrender the ego to the newborn […] Because the common task of realizing the well-being of creatures inevitably puts us all on the right path, and would make us recover the other common sense of life's well-being […] Because it would begin to recover female sexuality and solidarity among women, which would imply a deployment of energies and forces in favor of life, whose magnitude we cannot yet imagine.
(Casilda Rodrigañez, El asalto al Hades. La rebelión de Edipo, 1ª parte)

This concept of surrender of Power to children, and by extension to all over whom society gives us a factual Power (by our position in social class, sex, ethnicity, etc.) has a great symbolic strength and it's deeply subversive: it is like uprooting the roots of domination.
(Casilda Rodrigañez, El asalto al Hades. La rebelión de Edipo, 1ª parte)

Post-op /
Transvaluation of values

CHEW MÜLEY JAKOB FUGGER WALLONTU MAPU MEW? It is a call to participate in this intra-active fiction (Karen Barad) for the transvaluation of values.
When Fugger ceases to be called "the Rich", when his enterprises cease to be considered "successful", when he recognizes and assumes his misery and his failure to incarnate as a human, and even as an animal, a mammal, that is when his ghost surrenders, we will then have connected enough points to reach a critical mass that opens a crack in this Event Horizon.
The consequences are still unpredictable, but it will undoubtedly be a metramorphosis (Breccha Ettinger) that will affect the heart of the matter, even if the post-op hysteresis initially pulses at an imperceptible rhythm for the sensory nervous systems programmed within Gregorian temporality.

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